Can you stand back pain?

For example, you have back pain, which seems to be holding everything back. This is a very common situation. The National Institutes of Health estimates that about 80% of American adults experience low back pain at some point.


span= "article-image inner caption"> whether you should exercise depends on the type and severity of back pain. Getty Images / Emiliozv This may affect your sleep quality and your ability to sit at your desk and chair on weekdays. Or pain may cause you to suspend your usual exercise program in case your condition worsens. How can

exercise help prevent injuries, but experts stress the importance of staying active - both to restore current injuries and to prevent future injuries. California physiotherapist Chris Reibold says exercise can be therapeutic and necessary for recovery as long as you carefully consider the stress you're under when you're injured and observe your range of motion. Adam Fritch, a sports physiotherapist in Illinois, says it seems counterintuitive, but sitting too long can make the pain worse. Bed rest can also lead to other problems, including depression, muscle atrophy and leg thrombosis. The weakness of back or core muscles may be the primary cause of pain. If you feel you need to give your body some time to recover from injury, do it, but not for more than two days, Reebolds said. & Once that is over, exercise and exercise must return to your previous level of activity, he said. Don't expect to jump back to your original position immediately before exercising in case of back pain. Freech says that relaxing your daily life is a good rule of thumb. 'You'll think about how you move and not make the pain worse,'he said.

Reebolds said, stop pursuing high body weight or high repetition times. During the post-injury period, you need to concentrate on what Reibold calls low-level movements, such as hip and spinal motion and control.

According to a paper published in Health magazine in 2016, your ideal exercise should be comprehensive exercise strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. According to the authors, extra muscle strength will support your spine, increased flexibility will help your range of motion, and aerobic exercise will increase back blood flow, which can promote healing and reduce stiffness.

Frisch recommends that you start exercising with 10 to 15 minutes of aerobic warming-up, which can increase your heart rate. & Once the body warms up, it becomes easier to move forward, he said.

Your doctor will also advise you to exercise yourself. Or, if you're the kind of person who needs more guidance, physiotherapy is another option that can give you confidence and knowledge and get you back to the gym. & Physical therapists can also answer specific questions about pain and provide personalized rehabilitation training programs.

Different types of back exercise pain

The relationship between the type of exercise you should and should not do and back pain depends on the type of injury you suffer and the type of pain you experience. Although the following suggestions can help patients with mild or moderate back pain, it is important to know that the type of pain you experience is unique to you and that each patient's response is different.

Frisch said that if you feel pain anywhere except your back, such as leg pain or numbness and tingling in other parts of the body, you should see a physiotherapist or a doctor before starting these exercises.

As mentioned earlier, these exercises also help prevent recurrence of certain types of back pain (depending on the cause of the initial pain). So, for example, if you find yourself prone to low back pain, even if you don't have any pain, make sure you have an expressionless pull in your daily work.

h3>1. Lower back pain

Mild or moderate lower back pain, no specific exercise is prohibited, but you should pay close attention to your body's response to exercise, if you feel uncomfortable, you can adjust. Don't know where to start? Try the elevator.

Studies have shown that this action can relieve pain and increase activity. A study published in the Journal Strength and Conditional Reflex Research in 2015 found that this was mainly for patients with strong back extensor muscle strength and endurance and low pain intensity.

Reinbold suggests focusing on hip and thoracic movements, such as Brettzel, 90/90 sitting posture and squatting. Breathing is also important.

Try Reinbold's exercise: Place your finger and middle finger in the hip and your thumb in the soft part between the hip and ribs. Inhale into your fingers and pelvic floor to keep your chest from rising too much. Consider breathing, so that your torso extends in all directions, not just forward and backward. When you exhale, try to maintain the pressure you've exerted.

2. For mild low back pain, the emphasis is on strengthening the back chain of the back muscles, Frisch said. He said boating, overhead presses, lateral pull-downs and lifts could be tried. In addition to strength training, you also need to exercise flexibility to help you feel better when exercising, Frisch said. Try the child's posture and chest extension. h3>3. Before you go back to the gym, strain your back muscles and concentrate on nailing in everyday activities, such as bending down to tie your shoelaces and wearing socks, Frisch says. & Once you feel you can resume your daily activities, you can move back to the gym, he said. h3>4. Muscle Frisch says back spasms are similar to back muscle strains: start with daily exercises, such as squatting and bending, and then do weight lifting.

Five. A study published in the Journal Musculoskeletal Medicine in 2008 showed that low-intensity exercise three times a week in the second half of pregnancy can reduce pain. Other possibilities include pelvic tilt, knee strain, straight leg elevation, curling, lateral straight leg elevation, Kegel exercises and water aerobics. You can also benefit from a good stretching session full of stretches designed for pregnant women. Frisch says many pregnant women can safely continue their prenatal training, but adds that it's best to get a doctor's permission first.