My sprained ankle itches.


There are many reasons for ankle sprains, including foot slips, sports injuries or falls. One of the symptoms of this injury is swelling. When your skin is swollen, it also stretches, which can cause itching. It is usually appropriate to treat itching of ankle sprain at home, but if family therapy does not work, please contact your doctor.


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Skin swelling and elongation may be the cause of ankle itching after sprain. However, some treatments for ankle sprains may also play a role. According to, some painkillers cause itching. If so, you may feel itchy in other parts of the body and ankles. If this happens, stop taking the medicine and call your doctor. The itching may also be caused by contact dermatitis. This happens when your skin is exposed to irritants or allergens. If you are using an itch cream or a compression bandage, you may respond to both products. Please contact your doctor for alternatives.


Once the cause of your itching is diagnosed, your doctor will recommend an appropriate treatment. This may include topical cream, which does not contain irritants that may aggravate the condition. If you have sensitive skin, oral medication is also a good choice. If you choose a bandage that itches your sprained ankle, a cotton bandage may be easier on your skin. Maintaining coverage helps prevent scratches and heal the area.



When your sprained ankle heals, avoid swelling and reduce the chance of itching. recommends putting ice on the area every few hours for 15 to 20 minutes and lifting your ankles as often as possible. If your skin can tolerate it, bandages can also control swelling. When your ankle is healed, you can use gentle moisturizing lotion to keep skin moisture and reduce itching related to swelling or skin irritation. A cool wet compress can quickly relieve itching, just like washing cold feet with baking soda or ground oatmeal.


Scratching an itchy skin on a sprained ankle may cause infection, especially in the case of skin rupture. If the area's skin is split, use an antimicrobial cream to treat it and keep it covered to prevent further scratches. According to medlineplus, contact dermatitis can cause further swelling, so timely treatment is important to accelerate healing. If the skin in this area is still itchy after ankle healing, contact your doctor to rule out potential health conditions.