What kind of swimsuit should a woman with big arms wear?


For women who hibernate under their sweaters after winter, buying swimsuits can be a daunting task. Once you find a style that makes you look more peaceful and distracts your attention from your big arms, you will no doubt go to the beach without scruple; no, you won't wear a wet suit.


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What to look for

Swimming suits with V collar or sling collar are the best choice for women with large arms, because they attract attention to the neck and chest, away from the arm. Choose wide shoulder straps, avoid thin shoulder straps and emphasize big arms. And don't wear a suit with shiny shoulder straps, which only focuses on your arms. Instead, choose matte fabric, it has weight loss effect. A good way to highlight assets

and dilute large arms is to find swimsuit styles and details that focus on assets. If you have a small waist or want to protrude your chest, choose a style that has fun details near the area. Think about it. A ribbon or charm on the hardware is close to your withdrawal. You can also try to use color and fingerprints to render resources and dilute the big arm. If you have a bottom tone, find a two-piece shallow bottom and a dark top. Light colors attract attention to your lower body, while darker colors play a neutral role, diluting the attention of your upper body. Tactically placing fingerprints in certain areas can also make the arm understate. The small print on it can protrude your chest, but still keep the focus away from your arm.

Finding the right fitted swimsuit pays more attention to body than ordinary clothes, so fitness is very important. Most styles are smaller, so if you feel uncomfortable or the fabric is cutting into your skin, you need to increase the size. Especially under your arms and around your back looking for giving. Any tightness in the region will only emphasize the larger arm. If you are not ready to open your arms completely, concealment is a good choice. Lightweight fabrics with long sleeves or bat sleeves will still look a little skin without emphasizing the arm. Translucent waistband jacket or Kaftan jacket with color printing make you look very attractive.