Why is running the best (even if it looks the worst) in cold weather?


Running away from the comfortable sofa may be the last thing you want to do in winter, but wearing shoes when running in cold weather has the added benefit of making the initial cold worthwhile.


span="article-image caption-inner"> cold weather does not help your mood. (image: svetikd/istock/gettyimages)

5. You will fight seasonal depression. Dark days and cold nights will make you feel down. According to the American Academy of Family Medicals, mild seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a depression that occurs at the end of autumn, affecting up to 20% of the population. Running at sunrise may help: & 39. A study in the 1980s showed that both light and exercise had good antidepressant effects, so both light and exercise were the first, & 39. Dr. Kelly Rohan, professor of psychology, said studying at Vermont University.

Bill has experienced this situation personally: "I suffer from seasonal depression, so it's important for my mental health to go out rather than just rely on a treadmill." "Running releases natural endorphins and makes you feel good," Manger added. Hats. Fresh snow makes people feel very calm. Bell especially likes running when it snows. & "Some people have to squeeze into the car before it snows, but I'm waiting," she said. & When only you and snow, I like the crunch of snow under my feet, there is a beautiful loneliness. Besides, the sidewalks are not so crowded!

h3>7. You'll have a better overall workout, and don't burn extra calories in the cold unless you're shaking (if you're shaking while running, what are you doing wrong). That is to say, you consume more calories during exercise, stop fewer calories during exercise, and you're usually a beast in your exercise - winter running certainly consumes more calories than hibernation, right?