8. Aging affects the way sex works (and what you can do)

As you get older, many things will get better: you may become more economically stable, cross your goals off your work list, and then go to the cinema to apply for an advanced discount. Your sex life? Sometimes it becomes a little unstable. Over the years, it may be more difficult to lie in bed as calmly as you did in your 20s and 30s, both physically and mentally, but there's no reason why you shouldn't have a happy and healthy sex life as you grow older. What can you expect in your bedroom when the annual birthday cake is increasingly a fire hazard? Here's what the experts want to say.


class=" article-image caption-inner "> with age, pelvic floor muscle began to fatigue. (picture: twenty20/@criene)

Another thing you may notice as you get older is leakage. Although these are normal and there is no reason to be ashamed, they can stifle emotions if they happen in the bedroom. Sendler says both sexes can experience this, but for women it is usually due to childbirth and muscle weakness as they age. & As we grow older, our pelvic floor muscles begin to tire. He explains that this is why older men and women tend to run when they need to use the bathroom.

He said that one way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles is through Kegel exercise. & He adds that there are some medications that can improve self-control, but they also have other side effects, such as dry eyes, so you should discuss your safest approach with your doctor first.

There is no way to coat it with sugar --- with age, many factors will inevitably make change more challenging. The good news is that every roadblock has a solution. Now go out and enjoy your partner's company, no pressure!