Vaseline and Diaper Cream

For decades, parents have used Vaseline as a barrier between babies to protect their delicate skin and moisture. However, now there are dozens of brands of diaper creams and ointments that promise to protect your baby from diaper rash, as well as moisturize or medicate the skin. Choose the best choice for your baby and the type of diapers she wears.


shelves with a row of diaper cream and lotion. (Image: Elena Schweitzer/iStock/Getty Images)

Vaseline is an oil-based ointment that protects infant skin from skin rash by sealing it with moisture. Many parents prefer Vaseline rather than diaper cream, because Vaseline is cheap, and there are usually no extra dyes or fragrances that may irritate baby skin. However, Vaseline is very thick and may be rubbed on the diaper, covering the diaper, preventing the diaper from effectively absorbing moisture. This may be a problem with diapers, because Vaseline may not be completely washed away.

Diaper ointment is usually made of zinc oxide, which covers the skin of infants and forms a moisture-proof layer. Compared with Vaseline, these creams are less viscous and therefore less likely to rub on diapers and clothing. There are many brands of diaper creams to choose from, they have a variety of odors and formulations, including odorless and hypoallergenic. The prices and effects of these brands vary.

use ointment and cream

whatever face cream or cream it will use directly when changing diapers every time, then fix the new diaper. You don't have to wipe out old cream or cream unless it's dried or dirty. Some babies need cream only when their skin is stimulated. Some babies need cream whenever they change diapers to make sure that they do not develop rashes.

some diaper rashes require prescription ointments or cream. These diaper rashes are caused by yeasts or bacteria, not by moisturization, as is the case with normal diaper rashes. Some infections begin when the irritation caused by diaper rash has not been eliminated, leaving small gaps in the skin that bacteria or yeasts can enter. Infectious diaper rash is characterized by erythema, pus or skin lesions at the site of infection and scab formation. If your baby has any of these symptoms, please take him to a pediatrician for evaluation.