8 Best Foods After Drinking Too Much


8Coconut Water


By drinking nature’s sports drink, you are not only rehydrating, but also restoring essential electrolytes that are often lost with alcohol-induced dehydration.

Sip a large, cool glass in the morning and feel yourself rehydrating back into vitality.

7Fresh Juice

Fresh juice detoxifies the liver, so after a night of overindulging, your liver will graciously thank you.

It’s also easily digestible, meaning the nutrients are more easily absorbed into your bloodstream.

With a killer juice, you’ll be feeling better in no time!

6Apple Cider Vinegar

This little miracle worker helps to rebalance the body’s pH — which can be thrown off by alcohol — and boosts your bodily stores of essential minerals like magnesium, sodium, and calcium.

Try a concoction of water, ginger, raw honey, and a tablespoon of ACV for a tasty yet nutritious elixir.


Bursting with potassium, bananas can replenish the alcohol-ravaged body’s vastly depleted stores.

They are also extremely gentle on the digestive system, so it’s a great way to get some fuel in your body if you’re feeling nauseous.


Eggs contain cysteine, which is a substance that breaks down the alcohol-induced toxin that causes hangovers.


They also contain taurine, which can even help protect against liver disease. Talk about serious benefits for your overburdened liver!

When choosing eggs, it’s best to choose pastured for the most health benefits.

3Chicken Broth

The aforementioned cysteine in chicken helps the liver work efficiently while the broth works to rehydrate your body and restore sodium levels.

If you make your own stock, be sure to use ethically-raised, pastured chickens whenever you can.

And, really, nothing makes you feel quite as comforted as a warm cup of chicken soup.


The lycopene in tomatoes works to reduce inflammation in the body — which is a huge plus after overindulging on the alcohol.

If you can’t stomach tomatoes in the morning, save them for lunch, you’ll still reap benefits.

But just because tomatoes are anti-inflammatory, that doesn’t condone that morning-after Bloody Mary.



By neutralizing acids in the body, oats can give you a much needed boost on a sluggish, hungover morning.

They also replenish magnesium and those important B vitamins, which are likely depleted after a night of drinking.

For the ultimate balancing boost, whip an egg into your oatmeal as it cooks to create a nutritious, hangover-kicking, blood sugar-regulating porridge!