25 Foods That Combat Diabetes

Diabetes is not a death sentence. If anything, diabetes is a warning to start taking your health more seriously, and adopting a healthy lifestyle so you will have fewer complications, more joy in living and take the good times even more preciously. Diabetes is a sentence of rejuvenated life! Your body basically tell you it’s time to grow up and stop living like you’re 13 years old and chugging down popcorn and soda all the time. So whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or are just trying to prevent it from becoming an issue years in advance because your family struggles with it, the first step is in realizing that diet is everything. If you can master a healthy diet and keep physically active, you’re going to have a great long life. So let’s start your new adventure in health with just 14 basic foods that you’re going to learn to love.

1. Mediterranean Food



These meals are high in virgin olive oil, which is believed to have antioxidant properties and “polyphenols” that can combat inflammation. In fact, a study mentioned in the British Medical Journal stated that eating Mediterranean food could slash the odds of diabetes by 83 percent, even if it’s hereditary. Four table spoons of olive oil a day is good for you, so substitute butter and vegetable oil with authentic virgin olive oil.